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Advantages Content Management System

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A content management system (CMS) is a web/computer program that allows publishing, editing, modifying content and maintenance from a central administrator interface. Content management systems ensures that your content is dynamic, smart and powerful.

Managing websites in early 2000 internally, was impossible without on-hand HTML coding experience. However with advent of Content Management Systems technology does not stand in the way of managing contents anymore.

Types of CMS Websites
  • Website Content Management System: Website content management system is used when a standalone app is needed to create, manage, store and re-organize the website content. Website contents may include videos, photos, text and audio to connect with users. Website Content Management System is a gift to non-technical/laymen users as it assists them to manage their website without having to know coding.

  • Enterprise Content Management System: Enterprise Content management system is a CMS for large data, employed in bigger enterprises. Enterprise CMS involves organizing everyday documents of the enterprise through a structured approach.

  • Component Content Management System: Component Content Management System is a structured approach to CMS and the content here is called component. The Content component has a lifecycle of it won when it comes to authoring, verifying and using. With component content management there is a track of graphics (video/photo) associated with the content.

Why CMS?
  • Content Management system creates consolidated contents which are located in a powerful repository, creating a content sharing network among co-workers/audience.

  • Content Management System lets you store contents and reuse whenever needed. The system tracks all the instances of content reuse ensuring that all the contents are flagged.

  • With Content Management Systems anything can be searched, retrieved, and reused to create new contents within seconds.

  • CMS is SEO friendly: CMS usually has best practices for search engine optimization like meaningful URL’s, page titles, exact metadata etc. These ensures that the website is ready to be crawled in.

KriationZ offers wide range of Ultra low cost CMS solutions, from open source technologies like wordpress, Drupal, joomla to custom made CMS.

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