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Need for web marketing

Posted by KriationZ

So reality is, there's no stopping the Internet. You really can't deny that it has become a part of all our lives and many are doing away other classical media for the internet. With more and more people getting their all information and other requirements online it does not make sense if one does not want to use the internet as a marketing tool. A website without a marketing strategy is sure to end up with a sucky page rank.

Why make a website which does not support your business!

A website is a great platform for advertisement and sales. With Internet, promoting any business can be done for nothing more than a shoe-string budget. Apart from cost-efficiency, a major advantage of online advertising is that there much more creative and efficient ways to advertise. The Internet is very flexible tool when compared print/broadcast media. Internet offers not only static ads, but also lets you create dynamic ads with Motions/Sounds, etc. and the best part is, analytics will give you an insight into your ad campaign, concrete numbers, which no other media can offer.

But, what sales or business can a website do without traffic!, a website without a structured marketing plan is like a car without gas. Your website on its own can only go as far as your friends and family. It does not matter if you spent big bucks for a awesomely customized website or you built yourself one from start, the rule of web world still applies: It does not matter how great your website is – if nobody finds it, it’s a tai-tai-pish.

Just to give you an insight into the web world, back in 2005, when only 10% of doctors had a website, having any hapless website online was more than sufficient. Now in 2013, with an estimated 95% of doctors having a website up, it surely needs a little more to stand out from the score of competitors in your own town.

KriationZ is offering a comprehensive web designing package which not only gives you top class website design but also a 15 day completely Free Search Engine Marketing, Free Facebook and Twitter page creation and a combo pack of ( Free Web Hosting+ Domain name registration+ Email IDs).