Creative Explainer Videos

It’s a fact that a major part of Google’s algorithm for search rankings considers the duration a visitor stays on your website. This lead to the evolution of online videos and off late is seeing an explosive growth. Creative explainer videos have Shot-up in popularity over the last year and half due to their low-costing structure and assured effectiveness in growing a business. KriationZ offers explainer videos as a part of its web marketing campaigns, and believes that it’s an excellent marketing tool.

KriationZ’s top Five reasons for you to get yourself a Explainer Video:
  1. Increase Web Traffic: Explainer Videos increase your web traffic a great deal. And according to a popular site the average duration of a visitor’s visit to your site increases by a whooping 60-70%.

  2. Increased Conversion: A popular site quotes that the chances of a visitor buying your product becomes 86% more prominent if you have a Explainer Video.

  3. Rank Better in Google Search: Statistically speaking, static websites don’t do well. Websites that contain many pages of plain text and images rank very low in Google search, which means less exposure and low rank. An explainer video will get their attention immediately

  4. Your Audience will Retain Information: The average person retains only 10 percent of what they hear, but 50 percent of what they see according to a study conducted by Wharton Research Center. What does this mean for your business? An increase in word-of-mouth advertising. Word-of-mouth continues to be the main way that businesses attract customers. If the customer likes your product, they’ll share your video.

  5. Clarify the Objective of Your Product: Text can be tricky since there are so many ways people can interpret what they read. Explainer videos take the guess work out of explaining the usefulness and basic function of a product or service. People gain a better understanding of a product or service once they see and hear someone explain it. An explainer video helps you to connect better with your potential customer by explaining what your business can do for them and why they should choose you over other competing businesses. ( Content Coutesy: