Web application Development

Business Web Apps

A business should be able to efficiently communicate to its customer base to sell its product. It should devise newer strategies to attract newer customers and grow. At Kriationz, we help business evolve newer digital marketing strategies. We provide customized business solutions for web and mobile applications. These are segments that are pitted to grow exponentially year on year throughout the world. So you wouldn’t want to miss out on the opportunity that we package and present to you.

Our team provides you seamless support to make your business run smoothly and efficiently. We provide tailor made solutions starting from prototyping, database queries, and development of software applications and their installation, training and maintenance. We understand the value of operations cost for a company. We see to it that redundant and duplicate data is eliminated which helps you cut down on costs. You can run a business report with our customised solution on a periodic basis. The report helps you analyse your business performance and helps you make the best decisions to run your business efficiently.

Business Strategy Assessment:

Web 2.0 provides a lot of benefits which businesses can make use of. We work closely with our clients to define their business strategy and vision and help them get the maximum out of web 2.0 solution implementation.

Custom Web Apps

Our IT experts approach each customer business individually and propose the optimal cost/performance technical solution. We are well aware of the possibilities that internet can provide and strive to maximise our client’s impact on the web.


    The exclusive web development performed by our in-house team of highly proficient and experienced professionals in the LAMP open-source web development platform has got us rave customer reviews and appreciations.

    Linux, Apache, Mysql and PHP form a comprehensive web stack package that uses Linux which is an incredible operating system. We have a team of highly experienced technical professionals who work in the area of bespoke web development. LAMP has today become a de facto development standard. The products that make up the LAMP stack are included by default in almost all Linux distributions, and together form a fully fledged and powerful web development platform.

    We work on following frameworks:
    Cake PHP

    Cake PHP is among the most comprehensive development technology used by our accomplished web developers. We create and develop the most simplistic and user friendly websites and web solutions for our clients from all over the world. Cake PHP offers a unique feature for the creation of extensible architecture for developing, maintaining, and deploying applications. Our technical experts can help you realise your PHP projects efficiently and effortlessly.

    Cake PHP has numerous advantages among the other web development framework and software languages. It has the unique ability to follow Model, Vie and controller architecture. This unique character provides our developers with the opportunity to create innovative web solutions and web application development. Cake PHP is an open-source framework used in the development of many rich-feature web applications.


    It has been found that PHP can be effectively utilized by combining it with CodeIgnitor. CodeIgnitor helps in developing web applications that have advanced features. You can rely on us if you wish to port your existing code using PHP framework which can be easily achieved with CodeIgnitor.

    It is very easy to follow and understand and is very simple to operate. The operations can be carried at a very high speed and thus we save a lot of valuable time. The feedback that we have got from clients using codeIgnitor is very positive.

  2. Java/J2EE

    Our team’s core competence lies in delivering stream lined web applications based on the entire framework of Java. We have successfully delivered Java-based solutions to businesses of various sizes, including medium and large companies.

    Our proficient in-house Java web developers create AJAX / JSF / Struts exclusive user interfaces that evolve in a dynamic way, depending on the context, like a desktop GUI. These give our developers the much needed advantage to produce the most prolific and extraordinary web solutions for our client’s bespoke web development requirements.

    The unique and highly efficient AJAX UI runs on the Web browser based on XHTML, CSS and JavaScript and this provides our clients with the unique opportunity to reduce usage of resources on the server side to yield the best results on the web.